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the stool is made out of wood and has two legs
Pinnpall rund – Björk
a wooden stool made out of logs on a white background
Tibro krakk
Liten krakk i edelgran og eik.
a small wooden stool on a white background
NORRÅKER Krakk, bjørk - IKEA
a small wooden stool sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall
ライトスツール アッシュ 送料無料
ライトスツール アッシュ|椅子(チェアー)・スツール|コヤモッコウ|ハンドメイド通販・販売のCreema
three wooden stools and one small stool
Delta Faucet 19912-SSSD-DST Deluca Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Stainless
Delta Faucet 19912SSSDDST Deluca Single Handle PullDown Kitchen Faucet Stainless * Read more at the image link.
a person standing over a small wooden stool
Azmaya | Hinoki Bath Stool
Azmaya | Hinoki Bath Stool - Analogue Life