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the sun shines through the trees and leaves in this forest path that is surrounded by tall, green ferns
A Place To Rest Art Print by Mark Alder
como corría el agua, como los pulmones agradecían aquella pureza que estaban recibiendo.

Al tocar uno de los árboles, apreciabas su fuerza, su vigor, su poderío. Cuando te apoyabas, notabas su grandeza, sus ramas igual que brazos te acariciaban, y su movimiento te mecía, ofreciendo una paz cautivadora.

Cada día daba gracias a ese bosque, puesto que ofrecía lo más preciado para la vida, y tan solo suplicaba respeto.

Reclamaba muy poco y nos regalaba mucho más de lo que nos pedía. Outdoor, Nature Photography, Nature, Earth, Forest Photos, Sunlight, Scenery, Beautiful, Forest
a green forest filled with lots of trees and mossy ground covered in grass, surrounded by tall pine trees
Magic Forrest by Patrick Böttger / 500px
moss covered log in the middle of a forest
Milli Vedder Photography
a green and white blanket sitting on top of a forest floor covered in leaves next to trees
a forest filled with lots of green trees and moss covered ground in the middle of it
The Endless Forest
there are two toilets that have waterfall pictures on the doors in front of them and trees behind them
a forest with lots of tall trees and green grass
sunbeams shine through the trees in a forest filled with bluebells and wildflowers
the sun is shining through the trees in the foggy forest, with small stream running through it
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moss growing on the bark of a tree trunk in the sunbeams, with sunlight streaming through
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News - HSN + Disney's Maleficent
a group of trees that are next to each other in the woods with autumn leaves on them