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a close up of a piece of cloth with an eye on it
Treasure from Trash
Treasure from Trash - Samelia's Mum
the words do what you love are written in multicolored letters on a black background
Discover | Adobe Creative Cloud
Avant-Garde Embroidery and Digital Design | Create
a close up of a person's jeans and a comb
Darning with a "homemade speedweve"
Darning with a "homemade speedweve" - Imgur
four rows of hand made cross stitched items
Maya Matthew
Admiring the embroidered fabric book created by Bangalore-based stitcher, Maya Matthew. Her blog, Million Little Stitches, is described as a ‘creative outpourings of the stitch obsessed’. She shows…
an eye is drawn on the side of a piece of fabric
Hand Embroidery, Wool Embroidery, Hand Embroidery Stitches, Hand Embroidered
Handmade + vintage - Sklep internetowy
some very pretty colorful pieces of art made out of yarn and thread on a white surface
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a green and orange leaf shaped broochle on a white backgrounnd
Галерея работ из проволоки и пряжи
two balls of yarn are sitting next to each other on a white surface with purple and yellow details
Удивительные вышивки трикотажными полосками