Mari Vaadan
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A few exercises to prepare you and your horse for jumping. These exercises are also great for balance and control!

The accuracy of your cues and your horse’s willingness to listen and cooperate are critical to smooth and accomplished riding.

Jumping exercises

Could practice this without reins, or as poles on the ground. Lots of flexibility here.

JumpSharp ~ 10 riding exercses to improve your riding skills. Equestrian Jumping Exercises for iPhone & iPad.

Perfect layout for schooling over fences. I'll do a half version for Ella this week.

Showjumping Exercises - pole exercises & preparing for jumping

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Layout for schooling courses. I like the four jumps with one standard in common in the middle.

I'm going to try this but with poles on the ground instead of jumps - looks like a good schooling exercise for keeping the horse's attention.