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two teddy bears sitting on top of a box with a balloon in the shape of a bear
Papelitos y Monerías
centro de mesa para baby shower hecho de flores de papel, oso, y globo de 24 pulgadas.
a pink and white baby carriage with buttons
Baby Carriage
This adorable baby carriage handmade card is sure to become a keepsake! It would also be great as a gift tag.
a bunch of balloons with writing on them are in a black and white framed frame
Cute Baby Shower Idea
Cute Baby Shower Idea
a bag of popcorn with the words ready to pop on it and a blue ribbon
Boy Baby Shower Ideas
It's a Boy! - Baby Shower Ideas | Hymns and Verses
chocolate cake pops with blue frosting and brown sprinkles on top are arranged in a cupcake holder
First Time Mommy
Baby Shower Ideas / Food and Drink / Baby Blog
three glass jars with rubber ducks in them
Pinterest Baby Shower Ideas For Boys | Baby Boy Rubber Duck Baby Shower Decor | Party Ideas- baby boy or ele ...
a black and yellow tool box with writing on the lid that says daddy diaper too box
'Daddy Diaper Toolbox' Baby Shower Gift
A 'Daddy Diaper Toolbox'--such a fun #gift for a baby shower! #babyshower #diy
a blue bowl filled with bath toys on top of a table
Diaper Cakes for sale | eBay
Baby bath time diaper cake