Blake Belladonna

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Ruby / Weiss / Blake / Yang by Jeonghee. ※Permission to upload this was given by artist. Please support the artist by favoriting and retweeting the artwork.

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RWBY - Blake BellaDonna Turnaround by *montyoum on deviantART

Blake Belladonna/Image Gallery

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Blake Belladonna

Blake [RWBY] by Keethy on DeviantArt

What about Blake with a kitty hat ? Blake [RWBY]

Blake  RWBY

Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna is one of the protagonists of RWBY. She is a Huntress, having been trained at the now-defunct Beacon Academy. Her weapon of choice is a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe (VBCS)4 named Gambol Shroud. She first appeared in the "Black" Trailer alongside Adam Taurus, her partner and mentor5 in the White Fang, a Faunus terrorist group. After leaving the organization, Blake enrolled at the now-defunct Beacon Academy, where she became a member of Team RWBY alongside Ruby Rose, Weiss…

RWBY Blake


The latest media Tweets from いえすぱ (@mojojoj27827860). RWBY好きが高じてRWBYChibiのデザイン協力などさせて頂いてます。いつもリアクション薄くてごめんなさい。フォロー、リムーブはご自由にどうぞ。



RWBY - Chibi Blake~ Cheer~ Ninja Style~ by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN

HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

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Blake Circus AU [RWBY] by on @DeviantArt

Blake Circus AU [RWBY] by Keethy on DeviantArt

And here comes some concept art for Blake in the Circus!AU. Meet a black Bengal cat that loves playing with sharp things! She's got some face painting t... Blake Circus AU [RWBY]

RWBY — not-hentai:...


not-hentai: “ ” Wow not even kidding this looks like the Blake from my current fanfic story i’m writing right now lol minus the...