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A Southern Lapwing protecting her eggs as a tractor drives by 🔥
an illustration shows the stages of plant growth and how they are growing in soil layers
Hügelkultur (German, meaning “hill culture” or “mound culture”) is the garden concept of building raised beds over decaying wood piles. Decayed timbers become porous and retain moisture while releasing nutrients into the soil that, in turn, promote root growth in plant materials.
watercolor painting of snow and trees in the distance with blue streaks on the ground
Ähnliches Foto #LandscapeWatercolor
a painting of trees in the snow with water running through it and one tree on the other side
a man standing in the back of a truck next to two tires and a barrel
42 Ideas That Completely Backfired
This foolproof plan to move a cement cylinder. | 48 Ideas That Completely Backfired