Marianne Nordgaard

Marianne Nordgaard

Growing up with eyes glued shut.
Marianne Nordgaard
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Do's and Don'ts for applying makeup.

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Lip colors for permanent makeup touchup Beauty & Personal Care

10 Makeup Tips for Beginners (Do's and Don'ts)

10 Makeup Tips for Beginners (Do's and Don'ts) (Beauty Tips For Makeup)

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Also make sure and do step 1 twice! The first cleanse removes surface debris. The second gets down deep into your pores to deep clean.

Disney movie marathon list!!! Alphabetical, colorful, ready to begin!

Alphabetical, colorful, ready to begin!


Book pages as DIY wallpaper plus I love the gathering of those sweet lampshades: This look makes for an original, eclectic and slightly vintage vibe.

"Twatmonkey" by ladykatedb, via Flickr. Amazing.

My very own Subversive Cross Stitch

Boy I feel this way most days! Lol

Bahahaha, oh my goodness! This made me laugh way to hard!

This one would be cute in a baby girls room

This is absolutely amazing

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