Mari Mjelde
Flere idéer fra Mari
I'm usually not one for bigger tattoos.. But I love this!!
I don't know what it is that I love about this, maybe just how perfect the linework seems. But it would fit nicely along the side of my arm.
I like the placement, the black and grey quality, and the content. I like how there is still quite a bit of contrast so the image really pops. I find with overly shaded tattoos that the image can look really dark, smudgy and heavy. Not a fan of smudgy looking tatttoos.
Inner arm flower dot detail - maybe on the outside too, repeat as a wrap around?
Leaning towards this style so I can add more flowers underneath.
wolf by brian gomes #arm #forearm #tattoos
A beautiful half sleeve by Billy DeCola, inspired by a rose design of Luke Wessman.
redwoodcollective: My little mountain tattoo is almost...
Cherry Blossoms and kanji... love!!!