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Oslo  ·  Copywriter from Westerdals University College. In love with the sun, coffee and internet. Tweet me:
Mari Kihle
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Worlds largest rubber duckie

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has revealed the world’s largest rubber duck in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. The giant inflatable rubber duck is a floating sculpture that measures 13 x 14 x 15 meters. The duck will remain in the harbour until June

Ryan Gosling - He's such a small guy, but he's so attractive too! I like big burly, subtle men.If Ryan Gosling could grow like 5 inches in height and gain like 20 in weight he'd be my ideal!I've already married my IDEAL = Happy Mama :)

Hipster is the new hobo. You know when you didn't know what to be for halloween, so you put on a mix of clothes, painted on a little facial hair, and called it a hobo costume? I present you with the modern day hobo costume .

App Upload

In these galleries we’re presenting our latest findings of the most stunning menus, buttons and other UI elements from mobile apps, applications and webpages. For more inspiration of this kind, check…