http://koselighobby.blogg.no/ This is my girly blogg where I do some diy and stuff. I also share links to stuff I find on the grate internett from other pepole that do diy (I always give them credit) cheek it out if you want :)
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Marshmellows hamabead pattern DIY

So I made these three marshmallow hamabeads things that I think I can make into fridge magnets.

Luke Hemmings tutu for teddy bears. 5sos. DIY

Luke Hemmings tutu for teddy bears.

Hi or Hey, hamabead pattern, 5sos. diy

Hi or Hey records is 5 Seconds of Summers record.

Calum Hood teddy t-shirt. 5sos logo. DIY.

Calum Hood Teddy T-shirt Logo

Michael Clifford teddy. T-shirt and piercings. DIY

The band is starting to come together I have alredy made Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin, and now .

Smosh hamabeads pattern

Smosh hamabeads pattern

5sos teddy t-shirt, DIY

teddy t-shirt, DIY

Hamabeads pinguin

I just made this pinguin pattern, and decided to also make one that is a couple, I think they tur.

Dog paws hamabead patter

Dog paws hamabead patter

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