Жакардовые узоры для варежек - Вязание - Страна Мам


Knitting mittens is a nice thing to do on a snowy afternoon. On Kammeborniapodden facebook you can see a short film where I show you how I hold my yarn while knitting the latvian braid. #shineknitalong #shinemittens #vantenlysa #kammebornia @ullcentrumoland 🌟If you are not in Sweden you can also find @ullcentrumoland s yarn in the webshop at @midwinteryarns ☃️

Knitting mittens is a nice thing to do

Marie Curie mittens! The design features the atomic models of the two atoms that Marie Curie and her husband discovered, Radium and Polonium.

Marie Curie pattern by Emily Bujold

When science and knitting collide ‘Marie Curie Mittens’ is an excellent pattern for a pair of pretty colour work and beaded mitts, celebrating the work of famous scientist Marie Curie a…


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