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you can't... by on @DeviantArt

But can you imagine if Sirius was the one who found James and Lily? That's what I think of when I see this and I'm already crying (you can't. by on DeviantArt)

Sirius by on @DeviantArt

one day they will create a spell to change me into a first generation harry potter character

it's quidditch tomorrow by on @DeviantArt

Leave me alone Sirius. Come down tomorrow Vega. Cool thing with the white purple hair.

o children by viria13 on @DeviantArt

"After Ron has gone.Hermione is trying to find out more about how to destroy horcruxes and about The Tales of Beedle The Bard.Harry was stalking Ginny Weasley dot on the marauders map and also hoping Ron will be there.

Neville and Luna <3

I wish Luna and Neville would have gotten together. They're so stinking adorable :) her hero by on deviantART