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Attempted to make a small Cherry Grove Village that's kinda simple, kinda detailed. Love any excuse to have a fun roof moment lol.
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Minecraft Beginner House #2
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Minecraft | How to build a Survival Farmhouse
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Minecraft Cherry Blossom Gazebo - trails and tales update
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20 Easy Things You Can Build in Minecraft - Mom's Got the Stuff
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Here is a small house u can build😊
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Minecraft Small Farmhouse
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Coo Minecraft House Build Ideas - Cozy Cabin
mgts | hobbies & entertainment
mgts | hobbies & entertainment
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I made a simple starter house! What do you think?
Minecraft Tutorial
Ravine House Minecraft
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Minecraft 1.17 Cute starter house tutorial :3 (Easy)
SheraNom - Minecraft Building Ideas
SheraNom - Minecraft Building Ideas
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White interior design