Maria Sjåfjell

Maria Sjåfjell

Maria Sjåfjell
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A well traveled woman

sooooooo clean looking Interior Details. Herringbone floors & white walls with molding. This is exactly what I want in my future home! White furniture and white walls with subtle detail to keep it from getting boring.

Living room

i just found the beautiful inspirational pictures of the lobby of the San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos, taken by StilInspiration during her holidays there. So it& another view of this wonderful place tha

wooden heart.

Russian artist Dimitri Tyskalov's wooden heart- also check out Ricky Swallow's wooden heart sculpture, commissioned for a private client with, mysteriously, a wooden note pinned to it with a wooden pin.

Ashley Mackenzie

No Body, No Mind by Ashley Mackenzie Despite society’s emphasis on abstract thought, the brain cannot become a mind without a body.