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an outdoor garden shop with lots of potted plants and flowers in the front window
Blomsterskuret ~ An indescribably cosy "flowers shed." Martin Reinicke is the flower decorator and a master of creative ideas in working with botanicals; with attention to the slightly more arvant-garde plants; wonderful eye toward extra beautiful bouquets. #Copenhagen #Blomsterskuret #Vesterbro
a room filled with lots of furniture and tables next to each other on top of hard wood flooring
Shopper's Diary: Hay House in Copenhagen - Remodelista
These table benches are crying out to be in my yard...the framing would be perfect to hang lights etc.... Hay House Copenhagen
a room filled with lots of furniture and hanging lights
Interior shop | "normann" | Copenhagen. Now imagine this without the current furniture. Add a mezz. and would be the perfect Architecture Studio.
a store front with many items in the window and people looking at them through glass
beads & ribbons shop in Copenhagen. This would be a great place to spend an afternoon :)
an empty street with storefronts and benches
Stilleben > Copenhagen/Stilleben sells interior, ceramic ware, glass ware, textiles, accessories and jewlery by Danish and foreign designers. The selection covers both simple basics and unique, exclusive products.
a nutcracker statue on top of a fountain in front of a theater entrance
Copenhagen. It's like Bangkok - you visit it over and over again because it's always on the way to other places and it's always as nice.
two tables and chairs are outside in front of a store window with people walking by
Granola Café | Copenhagen .................... #GlobeTripper® | | "Home-made Hospitality" |
the food truck is parked next to the water
Copenhagen Street Food
Copenhagen Street Food in Papirøen, Copenhagen - @Guided by 'dot the i'
coffee cups and saucers are on the table in front of an open shopfront
My coffee tastes even better... | Justina Blakeney
Danish coffee take-out window
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in front of the counter, lights hanging from the ceiling
Café Granola, Copenhagen, Denmark #allgoodthings #danish spotted by missdesignsays
the coffee collective is located in an old - fashioned building with green shutters and windows
Sustainable City Guide: Copenhagen by Nana Hagel - Rêve En Vert
sustainable city guide #copenhagen : Coffee Collective
the front of a building with tables and chairs outside
World’s Smallest Hotel Set to Open in Copenhagen
Hotel Central & Café in Copenhagen - The world smallest hotel (just 1 room, a toilet and 5 places for customers at the Café!)