Math Division Wheels...would be really cool to make them for addition and subtraction facts using paint chips. Great for math center/math rti


Here& a site with a number of resources for math practice, including wheels to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Free LEGO symmetry cards for kids | Actividad de simetría con ladrillos LEGO DUPLO |

Actividad de simetría con ladrillos LEGO DUPLO

Legos give a hands-on, symmetry activity for children to participate in to understand symmetry.

Shoe organizer for sorting markers

Put inside classroom closet door. Have a wish list ready for parent orientation. Write each item you need for the classroom on a paper cutout (e. apple cutouts on a “giving tree”) and encourage parents to pick one to donate to the classroom.

Great idea for storing paper. Cardboard magazine boxes from Ikea

IKEA Paper Organizer - Craft Room - DIY Paper Sorter from stacked IKEA Magazine files. Just tape together with packing tape.

Drawing place value plus several more place value teaching ideas

Math center idea for tens and ones. use foam dice so they don't make any noise. Student rolls 2 dice- number is for the tens place and the one is for the ones place.

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