Marianne Stålsett

Marianne Stålsett

Marianne Stålsett
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Great colors, movement and emotion ... Native American Pow Wows...beautiful movement...possibly ND

Native American in full tribal regalia. this is the Spirit come to life. If you've never been to a Native American Pow Wow, put it on your bucket list.

dunno if there is a bag attached to that strap, but i kinda love it regardless

Interesting look! Layered dark gray / charcoal fitted blazer, with gray cardigan, and light gray shirt. all varying shades of gray!) Paired with black leather pants.

Not being from a tribe that "fancy dances," I didn't know what each piece was called.  Moccasins and headdress yeah but the rest was unknown until now.

The clothing Native Americans wore came directly from the animal kingdom. Elk, moose, buffalo, mountain sheep and antelope hides were sewn together with bone awls and sinew.