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three mason jar lights hanging from the ceiling and one is being used as a light fixture
Lag lamper av Norgesglass!
Inspirasjon Til Håndarbeide!: Lag lamper av Norgesglass!
a mason jar filled with light bulbs hanging from a wire in front of some trees
Lamper av Norgesglass
Made by me: Lamper av Norgesglass
three mason jar chandeliers hanging from the ceiling above a kitchen table with flowers in vases
home made lamp
three different lighting fixtures are shown in this image, and there is also a lamp on the wall
Modern Lighting
Modern Luxury Lighting at 50% Off (or more) ★★★★★ (5/5)
the light bulbs are hanging from the beam in the room that is decorated with wood beams
Lighting Accessories for sale | eBay
Wooden lamp, Ceiling Pendant Light, candelabrum (handmade) #villagehomedecoration
a wooden table topped with white chairs next to a light bulb chandelier hanging from the ceiling
30+ Trendy Reclaimed Wood Furniture Decor Ideas - TRENDHMDCR
Til hytte
the light bulbs are hanging from the ceiling
home furniture
Household furniture, most suited for everyone who loves personalising their personal living area, making it definitely feel like home. #Smallopenplankitchenlivingroom