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Howl and Sophie- Howl's Moving Castle ( ハウルの動く城 )

Michael Fisher and Martha Hatter

mara-miranda: Michael Fisher and Martha Hatter HMC fanart Please don& ever stop drawing HMC fanart because everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

Este está más cerca de la idea real del libro ¿no?

Sophie & Howl (Howl's Moving Castle) how they look in the book. He is even wearing the patchwork blue and silver suit. must admit, I prefer the film, but i want to read more Diana Wynne Jones

"I love how in the book, you can always tell how honest Howl is by his hair color. There is literally a whole emotional arc tied to the state of his hairdo -- that's just how this book rolls."  So: Tinted, immaculate hair == he's lying / hiding. Messy bird's nest == HE LOVES YOU. For serious!

All quotes taken straight from Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, God rest her soul. This book has more awesome lines in it than any other child. Evolution of Howl's Hair

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