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Jeg er en glad jente som bor i Porsgrunn. På fritiden liker jeg å spille, se film og være med venner.
Maria Bratteland
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Look at this gif 10 times and you'll find something new everytime.xD #BlockB #kpop #gifs #funny

Taeil laughing, P.O jumping, the background dancer flipping his cap like a boss, Zico cleaning the floor with his way too short broomstick and whatever U-Kwon is doing .

What KPop has done to me..

So true although I would change House is burning to: da loof, da loof, da loof is on fiyah


I am perpetually awaiting the day that I can fangirl uncontrollably with my Kpop friends (in person) whenever I please. x'''D <<<<< I don't have any Kpop friends ;

Meme Center | allkpop

I literally couldn't atop laughing while imagining YG read all of these with a straight ass face ♥ YG for LIFE

i do this all the time

his man ugh Xiumin trying to avoid looking at a sexy man (let's be honest, its probably Luhan) giving you "that look" but failing ;

Satansoo is Satansoo

Kyungsoo, for a minute I was regretting pinning stuff calling you Satansoo and then you proved that name true.

Yes, threaten him with the water bottle lid D.O. haha..... I didn't even notice what Xiumin was doing... What is he doing?

Yes, threaten him with the water bottle lid D. I didn't even notice what Xiumin was doing. <----- tbh kyungsoo could do a lot of damage with a water bottle lid