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Maria Sara Bjørnå

Maria Sara Bjørnå
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I'd personally feel more inclined towards honesty if I swore on "On the Origin of Species" or something of similar scientific importance

Will: Percy, you can't stay here. Percy: Why not? Will: You are not injured. Only injured people can stay here. Percy: Is that a challenge? Will: No. Percy wait. Don't- Percy: I'm injured. Now I have to stay.

D Perry Jackson did what? Will: I wouldn't let him see Annabeth as she was still resting from last night I told him that unless he was injured …


"Papa, you know this crazy lunatic coming out of shadows!" "Nico is one of my best friends actually. Is he as crazy as this random person?

So true tho!>>>I feel like specialization should definitely be more heavily considered in education, especially when high school is reached. This is the time when we're deciding what we're doing with the rest of our lives, and preparing to take on life.

Whaaaaaaaat I don't see it Joke he is freaking adorable