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a pink turtle neck sweater with long sleeves and buttons on the front, sitting on a white background
Jersey asimétrico con manga raglán y cuello vuelto - kaki
the sweater is laying on the table next to a teddy bear's fur ball
свитер регланом сверху
#свитер #джемпер #стиль #стильнаяодежда #вязаниекрючком #вязание
a woman wearing a white sweater and gold hoop earrings is looking off to the side
Sweater No. 10 - DANSK
Reversible Sweater, Mohair Scarf, Mohair Knit, Book Gift, How To Purl Knit, Oversize Knit, Mohair Sweater, Knitting Women
Sweet pattern by Kim Hargreaves