Best Christmas Desserts

Finding the best Christmas dessert recipes can help to make your holidays bright! These easy but dreamy desserts are sure to please your friends and family…
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a piece of green cake sitting on top of a white plate next to a fork
Frosted Pistachio Pudding Sheet Cake
This easy pistachio cake is made with pudding mix, Dream Whip, and a cake mix! It's super simple, but the texture is out of this world!
brownies are stacked on top of each other with the words easy rich and fudy brownies made with biscuit
Fudgy Brownies Made with Bisquick
If you've never made Bisquick brownies before, you're in for a treat! The baking mix makes it so you can enjoy a deliciously decadent treat, without a brownie mix! They're chocolatey, soft, and oh-so-good!
chocolate chip pistachio cookies stacked on top of each other with the title overlay
Homemade Chocolate Chip Pistachio Cookies
This easy recipe for pistachio chocolate chip cookies is simple to make, but results in from-scratch cookies that are soft, chewy, and loaded with chopped pistachios and melty chocolate chips. Perfect for bake sales, holiday cookie swaps, or any time you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!
a close up of a piece of brownie pie on a plate with a fork
The Best Appalachian Fudge Brownie Pie
This delicious southern style fudge brownie pie is a delight! Made with a brownie base and melted marshmallows, it's covered with a chocolate frosting. It's an easy yet decadent treat that you can take to potluck dinners, family gatherings, holiday meals, and more.
no churn pistachio ice cream in small white bowls with spoons on the side
The Best Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe
This homemade no-churn pistachio ice cream is a delicious treat you can whip up without any special equipment. That's right, no ice cream maker needed. Just a few ingredients and you'll have a rich and creamy dessert with minimal effort!
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two slices of pistachio bread on a white plate with the title below it
EASY Pistachio Bread for the Holidays - Margin Making Mom
This easy pistachio bread is perfect for Christmas! Whip up a batch with cake mix and pudding mix, then serve as dessert (or breakfast!) during the holidays. My kids call it Grinch Bread, thanks to its festive hue, and it always disappears fast!
a piece of cake on a plate with the words holiday pistachio bread in this pretty pan
How to Make Pistachio Bread for the Holidays - Margin Making Mom®
Holiday Pistachio Bread
two slices of cranberry christmas bread on a white plate
Pistachio Cranberry Bread Recipe
We love making this pistachio bread with cranberries every holiday season! Christmas isn't complete without a loaf or two, and we often give some away as edible gifts, too. So easy to make with pistachio pudding and fresh cranberries, and we love the pretty colors!
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a close up of a piece of cake on a plate with the words lotus biscoff cookie butter cake
Biscoff Sheet Cake Recipe
If you love Lotus Biscoff cookie butter, you'll adore this easy cake! There's cookie butter in the cake and in the frosting, making it a warmly spiced and lightly sweet cake that will disappear fast at your next potluck or family gathering.
this is an easy recipe for pistachio bread
BEST Pistachio Bread for the Holidays - Margin Making Mom
This super easy pistachio bread is the perfect Christmas dessert! It's made with a box of cake mix and pistachio pudding mix, making a delicious yet simple treat everyone loves. It also makes a fantastic edible gift idea!
a loaf of cranberry pistachio bread on a cutting board with the title overlay
Easy Cranberry Pistachio Bread Recipe
It's super easy to make this homemade cranberry pistachio bread. Even though it's a from-scratch recipe, it comes together quickly and disappears fast! It's a fantastic Christmas dessert or breakfast option, and it makes a beautiful holiday gift idea, thanks to its pretty colors.
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cranberry cream cheese bread is cut into slices on a cutting board with the title text overlay
Cranberry Cream Cheese Loaf
This cream cheese cranberry bread is the best kind of loaf cake for the holidays! It's super soft and tender, chock full of fresh cranberries, and oh-so-easy to make. It makes a lovely Christmas dessert or a fantastic handmade edible gift idea. Either way, it disappears fast!
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two scoops of ice cream in a glass bowl with the words, high protein eggnog ice cream
Easy Ninja Creami Eggnog Protein Ice Cream
Are you looking for a Ninja Creami protein ice cream recipe that's good for the holiday season? This eggnog protein ice cream is the perfect Ninja Creami recipe for Christmas! So easy, and so tasty!
christmas tree cake ice cream in a glass bowl with candy canes on the side
Ninja Creami Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream Recipe
Learn how easy it is to make Christmas Tree Cake ice cream in your Ninja Creami, using the holiday Little Debbie snack cakes! This is such a simple yet festive and fun dessert option for the holiday season.
christmas tree cake ice cream with little debie cakes in a glass bowl on a red and white checkered tablecloth
Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream in the Ninja Creami Machine
If you need a delicious holiday treat, try making this Ninja Creami Christmas Tree Cake ice cream! It makes use of the Little Debbie snacks we all know and love, and it's super easy to whip up!