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Berry Green Smoothie by pinchofyum #Smoothie #Berry #Spinach

Berry Green Smoothie -the berries hide the green! so many smoothies call for fresh fruit at room temp, but I'm a huge advocate for frozen (HINT: buy bananas when they're super ripe and freeze them). Blend it up - it's like a healthy ice cream shake!


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Keep Clam And Go shopping!!

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Latte_Macchiato  Ingredients for 2 servings:  400 ml milk   100 ml strong espresso   cocoa for sprinkling Preparation: Heat the milk to boiling. Beat it with a mixer to form a solid foam. Divide it into two cups of heated volume of 300 ml. espresso ready in two cups.

Latte_Macchiato Ingredients for 2 servings: 400 ml milk 100 ml strong espresso…

Oh yes! Time to drink a cup while getting ready to head to the 1st baby doctor appointment!  Soooo excited

There are many methods to brewing that perfect cup of coffee, but how do you get the most out of your roast? If you want easy, there's the standard coffee pot.

Chocolate Brownie Cookies aka Gluten free stacks of heaven!

Gluten free Chocolate Brownie Cookies by Bon Appetit. If a fudgy brownie and chewy chocolate chip cookie had a baby, it would be this decadent creation. Even non-gluten-free-ers want this cookie!



Mango Peach & Banana smoothie<3

Mango, peach, banana smoothie <--- wow and yum! I def make this! just add plain yogurt tho and you have Jamba Juice copy cat of Mango Peach Topper. my fav! and Sprouts has the granola they use too!