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The best Dairy Queen style cupcakes in the world! Better than any other high hat cupcakes and better than any other Dairy Queen Cupcake!

Kvikklunsj kake, men med blå farger!!

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Balloons in blues and greens hanging down in fellowship hall

::balloons and tissue paper flowers make such a cute and easy centerpiece! I love the blue and purple color scheme. Choose any colors you like and create your own for the next party or celebration you have!



Hvordan pynte festbordet selv til dåp? Her finner du tips og ideer på du kan pynte festbordet selv til dåpsfeiringen. Trenger du hjelp med å planlegge dåpen kan siden hjelpe deg. Lykke til :)

DIY - baby shower - hvordan lage ting selv til baby showeren

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