Mikkel Olsenlund

Mikkel Olsenlund

Mikkel Olsenlund
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HULA girl. Ukulele. Sailor Jerry. I am going to get this tattoo onto the inside of my left forearm.

Sailor Jerry tattoo designs for men and women. Sailor Jerry tattoos made on different parts of the body. Sailor Jerry tattoos of different sizes, shapes and colors. S Jerry anchor tattoo - S Jerry style tattoos - S Jerry pin up girl tattoos.

Can't tell if it's art or a photo shoot, but either way it's mint!

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Nanny West - Di Botcher (Episode 1) She is nanny to George Crawley and Sybbie Branson appearing in the first episode. That is all that's known.

Sunday, September 2013 Downton Abbey Season New Character Guide Nanny West - Di Botcher (Episode