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Original form for these leather bags, one set in black leather and gold laminate and the other in black and red reptile skin. They can be used individually or combined, they are completely made by hand and finished in all its details, like mother of pearl engraved buckles and handles. 1/12 scale

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Кукольный мир: выкройки, одежда, миниатюра

Little Girl Toys

44 Pins - Играем в куклы: Jenusch: Кукольные мелочи (3/5)
Даша Седова и мама - Kimberly Club. Одежда для кукол.
Barbie's crochet wedding dress.

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Mobilier de poupée Barbie Diy 53

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a doll wearing yellow pants and holding a purse
the front and back view of a doll with her hands on her head, wearing a dress
vestido asimétrico para Barbie (patrones grátis)
an open book with instructions on how to sew socks and mittens for dolls
the instructions to make a barbie doll dress
a barbie doll wearing a green dress with pink flowers on it's head and legs
New outfit for Kingdom Doll / Deva Doll /Modsdoll/Numina/23
New outfit for Kingdom Doll / Deva Doll /Modsdoll/Numina/2… | Flickr
an advertisement for barbie's secrets with the instructions on how to sew
the doll is wearing a pink jacket and jeans
the front and back view of a doll's dress with an image of a woman in
одежка для кукол 2D5
an image of a woman's dress pattern with measurements for the top and bottom
the front and back view of a woman's skirt with slits on it
Фотографии на стене сообщества – 251 фотография
a doll is standing next to a sewing pattern for a dress and jacket on a sheet of paper
VOLHA PARTY DRESS for Barbie.png