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colorful balloons are floating in the air on a black background with white and yellow squares
Bouncy Balls – Manage classroom noise with bouncing balls!
Een leuke geluidsmeter voor op het digibord in de klas. Zorg dat de balletjes stil blijven liggen onderin. Bij te veel herrie gaan ze stuiteren. Klik even op de link om er te komen. http://neave.com/bouncy-balls/
the screen shows an animated dog's face and features on its head, which is surrounded by buttons
Timer for Kids - 5 minutes
Timer for Kids - 5 minutes
an autumn tree with birds and leaves on it's branches is shown in the shape of a calendar
Herfst Lesmateriaal | Digibord Startpagina
Webwijzer herfst is uit met stormachtig lesmateriaal en algemeen po nieuws: http://www.schoolbordportaal.nl/herfst-lesmateriaal-digibord-startpagina.html #onderwijs #digibord
a yellow candle sitting on top of a blue plate next to a red and green clock
Custom Stopwatch
Interactive Education: Custom Stopwatch - I could NOT run my classroom without this online resource. LOVE IT! It helps my students who need the visual remind of "how much time is left" and it also keeps my question askers quiet because they can just glance up at the board. I even have some classes in which my students sign up to choose the timer for that week.
two children are standing next to a yellow horse - drawn carriage that is made out of bricks
Leermiddelen en digibord portal voor het primair onderwijs: actueel koninklijkhuis
Leuke #Koningsspelen Timer, met dank aan Meester Dennis! http://www.schoolbordportaal.nl/schoolborden/catalogus.html?vakgebied=actueel-koninklijkhuis&pagina=alles #onderwijs #digibord
a red dynamite with the time on it
Classroom Timers - Fun Timers
The best classroom timers. Can be made full screen. Great for interactive whiteboards.
a snowman with a red scarf and blue hat
Timer - Sneeuwpop
Op zoek naar een winterse Timer? Als de sneeuwpop gesmolten is ..... http://www.schoolbordportaal.nl/data/timer%20time/index.php?id=timer-sneeuwpop #onderwijs #digibord
a person is playing with some toys on the floor in front of another persons hand
Classroom Timers - Fun Timers
Snail Racing Timer & lots of other fun timers
a pink drink with a straw and lemon on the beach
Timer - Glas Limonade
Een zomerse timer voor het digibord, ontwikkeld in samenwerking met Schoolbordportaal.
an ice cream cone filled with different types of toppings
Zomerse timer voor het digibord, ontwikkeld in samenwerking met Schoolbordportaal.
the silhouettes of two people riding horses on top of a building with a full moon in the background
Timer - Sinterklaas
EduTip: Time Timer in Sinterklaas sfeer http://www.schoolbordportaal.nl/data/timer%20time/index.php?id=sint #onderwijs #digibord
an image of some flowers in the ground
a poster with numbers and symbols for counting time
Fun Countdown Timers for the Classroom
Fun (and free!) countdown timers for the classroom! Read this blog post on Corkboard Connections to find out where to download these timers and more and some tips for using them in the classroom.
cartoon characters running on a race track with the time being 1 002 pm est
Classroom Timers - Fun Timers
Fun classroom timers