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some very pretty red flowers in the grass
Botanic Gardens flowering
The rain continues, but there are some beautiful flowering gingers in the Gardens. This native Crepe Ginger is very unco-operative, the whi...
a pink and yellow flower in the middle of green leaves with other flowers behind it
"Jewel of Thailand" by Joel Carlson
two red and yellow flowers with google logo
Kohleria Hybrid
#Flower #Flowers
a red flower with yellow stamens on it's petals is shown in an instagram frame
Heliconia Art Print by Gareth Leigh
a large white flower with lots of leaves around it's center and petals in the middle
White Ginger Torch Rhizome - Etsy
White Ginger Torch | Etsy
two pink and white flowers with green leaves
two blue and white flowers with green leaves
Blue Ensign Morning Glories Art Print by Nathan Abbott
a purple flower with green leaves on it
Passion Flower Greeting Card by John Kolenberg