Linnea Aasnaes

Linnea Aasnaes

I'm weird, that's all you need to know
Linnea Aasnaes
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Scarlet Vision

Move over Moon Moon, Moon Turkey is here. Assassins creed call life alert I'm dying in laughter.mine is Scarlet Sabre legit (-:B <<< excuse you bros. Mine is Novice Turkey. So mind you, I am a Turkey in training

Today in Potterheads think they will ever overthrone the Phandom's sexual tension.:<<<nobody beats Larry tho.

Jumping off London Tower Bridge GOES WRONG! What a belly flop! And before you go bashing this kid, he has admitted (in this vid and the next), it was the MOST STUPIDEST thing he’s ever done.

This book is my Bible

This is a Christian household we do not go without the Bible Except I'm also a legit Christian lol

#haikyuu, #kagehina, #yaoi

One of my favorite gifs of all time ❤️ /// haikyuu love boys love kageyama Hinata karasuno