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Grazing boxes for chickens
Difficulty: Easy Tools • 2 - 2x4 • Wire mesh • Grass seed or anything ( I used Annual the grass explained below) • Circular saw • Drill • Screws • Staple gun 1. Start by cutting the 2×4 into 2 - 2×16" 2 - 2×24" Keep the scraps for later 2. Drill holes where the screws will go 3. Drill the screws in. 4. Cut the wire mesh about 18"×23 1/2" 5. Place the scraps in the middle of the box 6. Staple the mesh down 7. Loosen up soil 8. Throw seed in the boxes and water • Took me about 30-45 minutes to make both. Very easy • I used Gulf Annual Rve Grass because it grows fast, tall, well in the winter. The grass grew in 7-10 days. I will grow something else in the summer. You can grow whatever you like. • You can make them bigger or smaller this is just what I did.
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