Le Havre

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a small river running through a lush green field next to a large castle on top of a hill
Mont Saint-Michel by Florent Criquet / 500px
Mont St Michel, Normandy, France
green steps leading up to a building with potted plants
Monet's house with part of his garden encroaching. Worth the trip. This is in Normandy outside Paris.
a pond with water lilies and trees in the background, surrounded by greenery
Monet's Garden by Steven Johnson / 500px
Claude Monet's garden, Giverny, France.
a sailboat is docked in the water near some old buildings and other colorful buildings
Swag Trooper
Le port de Honfeur Nornandie France**.
an aerial view of the cliffs and ocean near a cliff with a bridge on it
Une-deux senses
Etretat, upper Normandy, France - breathtaking beautiful... i have been here and eaten lunch on this beach after being at the cemetery in Normandy and it is so peaceful and calm!!
an aerial view of a bridge and river in the middle of a city at dusk
Le Havre, France. Can't believe I was lucky enough to have lived here for 4 months!
an indoor swimming pool with clear blue water
Les Bains Des Docks, Le Havre Roman baths inspired aquatic centre is a true modern icon...
a yellow parking meter with a smiley face painted on it
Le CyKlop, "LegoLand in Le Havre"
Legoland Toys Project in Le Havre - Le CyKlop - France - Projet invasif... Détournement des poteaux cylindriques pour créer des personnages de Lego à l’oeil et aux expressions uniques... La ville devient un LegoLand, où les Toys cohabitent avec les humains.
two large rock formations in the middle of water with cliffs on either side and one standing out into the distance
Le Havre, France: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor
Le Havre , France....This spot was painted by Monet who lived near by in Giverney .
a large brick building with many windows and balconies on the top of it
May 3 Château des Gadelles - Sainte-Adresse, Le Havre