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Queen Freddy Mercury

Queen Freddy Mercury

Introducing: PWR BTTM

Their music is a glimmering, heart-filled celebration of and examination into queer life and identity.

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Quote of the day from @cm.b89 who commented on Alice's post about virginity fake blood and vaginal tightening cream. (And if having a very low number of sexual partners is so important to men for "purity" and "morality" and "respect", they should try to avoid having sex with more than one partner their whole life....) Suck on those double standards.✌️✌✌Mimi #logic #feminism #feminist #virginity #virgin #purityring #purity #marriage #wedding #sex #relationships #quoteoftheday #quote #...

Yes because the double standard of society being ok with men sewing their wild oats while expecting women to abstain from that same behavior is bullshit.

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