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29 Times Tumblr Completely Got What It Means To Be British

"Remember that time Britain got literally the entire subcontinent of Asia hooked on opiates so they could get more tea?


Thor’s archnemesis and adoptive brother Loki won’t be appearing in The Avengers sequel, according to director Joss Whedon. Whedon told Empire Friday that the supervillain, who first .

I CANNOT (gif)

(any wonder why Loki didn't want Thor to come back? :P Good job, Odin and Frigga, mighty fine work you've done! This made my feels die.

My friends and I saw this movie together, and we were quoting this line for weeks afterwards.

Loki: “Oh, dear.” “This scene/comment makes me laugh… every single time.” “Loki, fresh outta prison and still not giving a single solitary fuck.

This is great | explanation for why Loki was the way he was in Avengers

Not only this but in the Thor movies lokis eyes are clearly green but in avengers they look blue we can see with hawkeye and others that your eyes turn blue under the control of the scepter - Loki Theory

So my adoration for Moriarty & Loki is completely normal, right? Right! :D

"So my adoration for Moriarty & Loki is completely normal, right? :D" <<<< yep, totally normal xD <= Compared to my obsession with Morgoth and Sauron, yes.