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Nota: Mientras escribía este capítulo vi el video donde a Jungkook se le rompe la camisa, su carita cuando se da cuenta es exactamente como me lo imagino en este ff:') Es un bebé pequeño ese Jungkook

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I would be to shy to go near them and most likely have everyone cut me. Im very shy and looking up to the people that inspire me to follow my dream. I

I'm the type that blushes a lot for a lot of different reasons and it really shows on my face. If I saw them in person, I'll probably turn as red as a tomato.

Anything he does is the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life. He is my ultimate bias wrecker.

I really feel worse << kill me now I'm not kawaii enough for the world <<< haha I hope I can find someone as cute as this squishy bean!