Malena Ekeland

Malena Ekeland

Malena Ekeland
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SQUIRE: Desert Biome Flora, Becca Hallstedt on ArtStation at

I'm working on worldbuilding-ish ideas for Squire, and I started making some different plants that you might find in the various environments. The desert biome, blistering with heat, has an emphasis on survival as the player journeys between

Stormwind lion statue, Peter Kyuyoung Lee on ArtStation at

I made a updated version of lion statue on WoW:MoP. I made it more stylized and angular in order to match WoW art direction.

ArtStation - Hand Painted , David Fernandez

Development concepts for personal project

ArtStation - Stylized Rock Material, Daniel McGowan

I've been playing a lot of BattleChasers lately and I was inspired to try and create something in that style! Thanks to Sojin Hwang, Lydia Zanotti and Andrew Harrington for their crits/feedback!