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Photography, Horror, Baguio, Punk, People, Photo, Fotos, Meme, Picture
Twilight Saga, Dead Ends, Darkness, The Darkest, Dark, Creepy, Strange
an old television with scary faces on it's screen and eyes drawn on the screen
two wooden signs pointing in opposite directions on a dirt road with trees and bushes behind them
Sátan (@DiabolicaBlonde) on X
an eye with a purple and black pattern on it
a woman standing in the middle of a circle
black and white drawing of an angel standing in the woods
the stairs are covered in rust and water
an old book with a pentagramil on it sitting on top of a table
a woman standing in front of a wall covered with newspaper and red writing on it
˗ˏˋ (original.) ⋮— ❛ the diary of hara lee ❜