Maj-Britt Stokvold

Maj-Britt Stokvold

Maj-Britt Stokvold
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15 July 2014 - Nyborg (Denmark) - I just loved these stones by Majse Sten, especially the big ones I saw in Tingo Tango Design Butik! Small ones are for sale in the webshop

This gives me the idea to paint the motifs I love of early stone crosses and grave monuments onto small stones. stone onto stone seems fitting somehow.

De nyeste sten ... -


strandsten malet som farverige m&m´s

This is a stunning DIY rock craft. Those strawberries actually look edible. This is a great project if you are into arts and crafts. It’s a unique project and you can actually give these Rock.

god påske - Google-søgning

A normal person sees a chick tallying the days in the egg, much as a person might tally the days they are in prison. I, however, wonder how the hell the Silence got inside an egg. - Why would a chick tally the days? Silence is the only answer!