Maja Wisniewska

Maja Wisniewska

Maja Wisniewska
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Tbh hate the whole "daddy" thing, but i do call dan and phil my dads as in my actual dads

starbucks tho..

Dan and phil at the brit awards 2016 >> Dan looks like he's trying not to fangirl or cry and Phil's just like "keep it together.

The best phan proof by me (Idk, this is a joke) (Plz don't hate me) #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Is it bad that I'm just freaking out about the barns and nobel sign sorry we have none where I live and it's my favourite bookstore<<< omg how are you still alive with no Barnes and Noble

Dan Howell is my favorite princess. End of story.

and Mitch Grassi as the queen wait. this reminds me of harry potter for 2 reasons Daniel is the name of the actor who plays harry potter James is Harry's middle name, also his fathers name.