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the words small steps every day written in black ink
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a piece of paper with writing on it that says to do live in the moment
25 Break Up Quotes To Help You Move On From The Past
SHARES 25 Break Up Quotes To Help You Move On From The Past Emily Ratay Author Love, Quotes 10/27/2019 Figuring out how to let go of the past by moving on and learning how to get over someone you still love is probably one of the hardest things to do. You might feel like it should be easy, especially if the past brings up a lot of bad memories, but what about all of those times when you had to let go of someone or something important to you? Those times are hard to forget or leave behind.
the quote you are the greatest project you will ever work on
the quote be so rooted in yourself that nobody's presence or presence can disturb your inner peace
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