Magnus Fjeldberg Bjerke

Magnus Fjeldberg Bjerke

Oslo  ·  Cabinetmaker
Magnus Fjeldberg Bjerke
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7 vintage Miniature Cyclists tour de France Aluminium Plastic Figurines

7 vintage Miniature Cyclists tour de France by Tweedeleven on Etsy

Skim Milk: Stuck Chair by Oato Design Studio

Stuck chair by Oato: We dissected an archetypical chair and rearranged the elements to make it look as if they were simply stuck together. Studio Oato is Stefan Tervoort and Pim Snijdoot in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Light Box / School Desk #bureau lumineux

Light Box / School Desk A school desk I found at a dump. The desk drawer is filled with fluorescent bulbs and then fronted with a diffuser and glass panel to create a light box. The inkwell was utilised as an ideal place for the lights flick-switch.

Pretty furniture Desktop Unplugged designs

Energy Producing Workspace by Eddi Törnberg Photo. In Unplugged, there are three techniques used to produce energy: piezoelectricity from the carpet, the chair utilizing the Seebeck effect, and the flower through photosynthesis.