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Alice Magndalen
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Best gif of David tennant I have ever seen

Best gif of David tennant I have ever seen >>>what makes it better is that he just came through a mirror into a French party riding a horse>>>I only pinned this for the gif guys<<<ok but as far as the quiz goes it's pretty good I got the doctor

Doctor Who

ALLONS-Y! Day 25 Doctor Who Challenge - favorite catchphrase. I use this one everyday. Allons-y Alonso! I also love Fantastic!

Doctor Who TARDIS chair

Clearly, one can do TARDIS anything. (Artist Shannon Witt of WittsWhimsy has created the "Dr. Who Tardis Chair," a whimsical Bergère Regency chair beautifully reupholstered with hand-painted Shantung silk, handmade piping, and memory f.

Some will say there are 13 men in this image, I can only see one.

12 Timey-Wimey Terms from 'Doctor Who' If you're new to the Whoniverse, though, you'll need a crash course in Who-speak before you go adventuring.