DIY Old Furniture Makeovers and Flips

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the instructions for how to build an end table with wicker baskets on it and then give it a makeover
Budget-Friendly Home Decor: The $20 End Table Makeover!
Home decor on a budget? You can do it! Explore our blog to see how I gave new life to a $20 end table. This DIY project is all about affordability and style.
Cheap amazon end side table DIY makeover! Affordable cane furniture for beginners!
Here’s how I transformed one of the cheapest pieces of furniture on Amazon into a beautiful cane nightstand!
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer on top of a wooden table with the words 7 reasons facebook marketplace slows down in october
Revealing 7 Secrets to Boost My Facebook Marketplace Sales in October
I'm ready to make the most of the October market! 📈 I won't let my Facebook Marketplace listings gather dust—I'm learning 7 essential tips to keep my sales flowing. Find out more in my latest blog post!
a person using a laptop with the text how to offer less on fb marketplace without offending the seller
Proven strategies that get sellers to lower their prices... amazing!
Facebook Marketplace Bargain Mastery: How to Negotiate Respectfully and Save! Get the Best Deal Strategies in Our Blog Today.
This buffet before and after shows how painted furniture transformations can make old furniture like new again! Sideboard and credenza makeovers are my favorite!
Spare Drawer Upcycle Repurposed DIY Project for Dresser Renovation Makeovers
Do you have an extra drawer sitting around? Repurpose and upcycle it to be under couch storage or under bed storage on a budget!
a woman sitting in the passenger seat of a car holding a cell phone and looking at her facebook page
Unlock the Secrets of Successful Negotiation on Facebook Marketplace
Savvy Negotiation Tips for Facebook Marketplace: Score Incredible Savings with Politeness! Explore Expert Strategies in Our Blog to Ace Your Deals.
two pink dressers with gold handles in front of a white curtain and rug on the floor
Charming End Table Makeover: Pink with Gold Accents
Experience the charm of a furniture makeover as we breathe new life into end tables with a touch of pink and elegant gold accents. Follow our detailed tutorial for a step-by-step guide and be amazed by the stunning before-and-after results!
a wooden chair with pillows on it and the words 6 ways to remove smells from furniture
Never heard of some of these...
This blog has free ways to clean furniture that you've thrifted or soiled. Maybe it's a smelly couch or a smoky dresser you've saved from the trash. Regardless of why it stinks, here are some great ways to remove the smell so you can sell it, re-sell it, or use it odor-free!
Cat Bed End Table Nightstand 😍
Watch how I transformed this old end table into a beautiful cat bed accent piece for any bedroom.
a bathroom sink with the words how i transformed this sink in 6 steps
Sunkissed Elegance: A Vanity DIY Journey in 6 Steps!
Dive into the world of DIY elegance as I share my journey of rescuing and refinishing a trash-found vanity. Learn the art of budget-friendly transformation with 6 simple steps, including painting, repairing, and upcycling for a touch of sophistication. Your vanity awaits its glow-up! 💫🖌
From trash to beautiful blue sink with a vintage faucet 😍
Click here to read the blog on how this makeover was possible. I transformed an old bathroom, vanity and sink into a beautiful piece for any bathroom.
furniture painted in different colors with text overlay that reads 11 reasons i paint furniture with melange paints
No Chips, No Coasters: The Power of Melange Paints ONE's Built-in Topcoat! 💪🎨
Learn why my painted furniture, surviving my destructive kid and daily bumps, remains chip-free after 2 years! Melange Paints ONE line is a game-changer. Use code MAGGIE10 for savings! 🚀🛋
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv on top of a wooden floor
Crack the Code: Why Your Furniture Isn't Selling in February 🚪
February fun, but furniture sales on pause? Unlock the reasons behind the slump on Facebook Marketplace this month. Get practical tips to kick-start your reselling game and turn February into a sales success! 🔐🛋
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