Magenta AS

Magenta AS
Stavanger - Norway / Alt innen skilt og dekor, grafisk design, film og foto - det får du av oss.
Magenta AS
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Cardboard crafts

DIY blooming monogram perfect for wedding decor. Use silk or dried flowers in florist foam in the hollowed out craft letter. You also could make wine cork letters or use other decorative items to create a meaningful monogram for the happy couple.


Kids room, home office or near the kitchen for the busy family - love. George & Willy designed Studio Roller, a wall-mounted, kraft paper roll dispenser that easily lets you pull out a section of paper when you need it.

Haptic covers car park in geometric metal skin in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

Haptic studio has re-clad a car park in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with triangular metal panels to produce ever-changing patterns of light and shadow.

Concept developed by Axel Peemoeller.  Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne.    Apparently a projector was used to light up the words onto the 3D space, the outlines were traced and the designers simply painted inside the lines.

Axel Peemoellerof Australia apparently won several design awards for the three-dimensional directional system he created inside the Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne, Australia. The Eureka Tower is.