Perfect for my little office corner in the guest bedroom...

OK + Happy Friday!

photo and styling:Riikka Kantinkoski String pocket decoratualma + balda mesa escritorio

Hallway_Minty Breeze

I can´t deny that we don´t have the most colorful home, but at least you get a colorful welcoming in our hallway.

Vita Copenhagen Eos lamp - Is To Me - Lundin

Style and Create — Inspiring Gothenburg apartment soon out for sale via Lundin - isn’t it beautiful?

minty breeze

minty breeze

Designdelicatessen - Normann - Pocket 4 - vægopbevaring

Pocket Organizers designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen. Comes in White, Black, Light Grey, Dark Green, Spicy Orange and Golden Yellow in different sizes - made of Polypropylene Plastic.

Eos Modern Feather Pendant Light on AHAlife

Eos Modern Feather Pendant Light