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Anette Maeda
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How to Use Acupressure to Induce Labour: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Use Acupressure to Induce Labour. Many women wish to naturally induce labor. Using acupressure points is one method that may help start or speed up labor. Proponents of acupressure as an induction aid believe it works by encouraging.

40 Ways to Go Into Labor

As many of you know, my due date is fast approaching and we are busy preparing for our little girl to arrive. It’s funny how everyone starts coming out of the woodwork when…

How to Clean Burnt on Food in the Oven - A Real-Life Housewife

How to Clean Burnt on Food in the Oven - A Real-Life Housewife Realize the ammonia is not one of your greener cleaners but with care can be used. Note this works Only in an electric oven. A gas oven is vented so it doesn't work!

Natural remedies for baby acne... going to be glad i pinned this for my future children

A client of mine asked me for a few holistic remedies for baby acne the other day . Baby acne is a very common thing that happens a few weeks after the birth …

Even if you're not planning on a C-section, this is a must-read. You never know what might happen.

Questions to ask your Doctor about a c-section even if you don't plan on having one. Since of twin pregnancies require a C-section, this is good info to know.