10 things you did not know about Vikings. A comprehensive video about these mythical warrior people who are more popular than ever. Do you think they were bl.

Ten Signs You’re In Norway

These are typical signs that your''e in Norway, if in doubt. The Real Norway! Forget about Mountains, Fjords and the Midnight Sun!

Top 5 List. What Do The Norwegian Spend Their Oil Money On?

Ever wondered what the Norwegians spend their oil money on? This might be a surprising top 5 list. The host is a little embarrass.

This is Yourway2Norway

We make Funny Videos with a Different and Subtle Glance at Norway - One of The World's Richest Countries, and According to UN, The Best Country to Grow Up an.

Ten reason a funeral kills you. The topic may seem a little dark, but his father’s dead forced him to take the most surreal choices in no time. It can happen to us all. Be prepared to for everything, a big bill – and some black humour.

Ten reason a funeral kills you! As his father died, he was responsible for the funeral. He shares the most surreal choices and desicions he was forced to take here. Be prepared to for everything, a big bill and some dark humor.

Share the Scream

We Try to Scream like the Iconic Painting by Munch. Meet Persons from USA, Russia, Sweden, and Norway.

The Do's & Don'ts Picking Up a Norwegian Girl

In this Video, you get Smart Tips and Advices when it Comes to Hooking up with a Norwegian Girl – the Most Attractive in the World, According to new Research.