10 Viking Myths Busted - our trip to the Viking Ship Museum. WOW! Impressed.

The Vikings were vain hipsters plucking eyebrows and dressing up before going to battle. They were tech savvy nerds who changed the world through impressive innovations. Outside the Museum in Oslo, visitors gave their perceptions. A bloodthirsty archaeologists bloodthirsty dispel these. New facts, insight in the daily life, fantastic innovations, crafts. Did you know that the runic alphabet was very similar to SMS? The women’s role is revealed in the. We promise you a surprise. Wow.
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We asked torurists visiting the Viking Ship Museum in Norway what vikings looked like. Everyone said - "They had helmets with horns!". Well, wrong. See another pin for why.

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This is the Gokstad ship .The ship is a bit more masculine than the Oseberg ship. You can see the decoration is a bit rougher than Oseberg. This is high technology from the older medieval . Pretty amazing to fancy those stupid Vikings actually managed to create something like this ? We are impressed .

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For those who thought that the Vikings were dirty and unkempt . This combs were found in the excavation of the the Oseberg ship . The combs tells something about the Vikings vanity ? Did you know that they had their own toilet maps?

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Actually there has been found only ONE, single one, Viking helmet in the whole world. Picture by Unimus (Norsk Kulturhistorisk Museum)

Everyone thinks VIkings had Helmets with horns. Here you see Ellen Marie Næss (viking archeologist from Norway) explain the host, Ronald Sagatun, from Norway why. - "It was simply not practical". Would you go to battle with these obstacles at your helmet?

The Archealogist at The Viking Ship museum shows off one of three beautiful sledges found together with the Oseberg ship. The Vikings wanted things to look nice. The runner is actually replacable.

Just look at the beautiful handcraft in this sledge, buried together with the Oseberg ship. The Vikings really were crafty and occupied by art.

Most people think that the Vikings just was raping and battling, and that tehy did not communicate. Ellen Næss at the Norwegian Viking Ship Museum tells us that the Vikings actually spoke arabic. Quote "Well, they did at lot of raping and battling, that is ok (or not) if you are stronger than the people you visit. If you are going to a place where people are stronger than you, you have to be able to communicate. The Vikings mastered speaking Arabic". WOW.

Did you know that the Viking's runic alphabeth was very similar to todays SMS? It took such a long time to carve the letters into wood or stone, so the Vikings took shortcuts like "LOL" and so on. Here you see Ellen Marie Næss, archealogist at the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo.

The Vikings reciept for conquerring the world, was their ships. They were built with high tech kiels that made the boats run faster and more steady. The Vikings had to master the sea, as Norway just have 2 percent fields that you can grow things on. Picture from CC commons.

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