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This ceramic lantern is wheel thrown and carved underglaze inlay. Corked base to protect table surfaces. Intended to be illuminated with a candle. 5 3/4" h x 6 1/4" dia.


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drippy 💦

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painted glaze

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Jonas Lindholm


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A beautiful handmade wall candle holder from 'Broegaard'. Comes in 7 different colors.  Dimensions can vary, since it is a handmade item, but is around 12 cm in diameter, and can hold a standard tealight at 4 cm.  Size and glaze may vary from pictures, and if the glaze varies more than usual, I will contact you for your approval, before I send it.  Please be aware that there is a production time on this item, since it is made to order, at 2 to 5 weeks.

wall art

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LOFA Ceramics
Let my Petite Wave create an engaging, intricate visual display for your next fireplace, shower niche or backsplash design plan.  Each tile is nominal 1.5x2.5 inches and you will need (48) tiles to cover one square foot area with a 3/16 inch grout line. Each tile is handcrafted from a Michigan made  white stoneware, and hand painted with the artisan glaze hue (s) of your choice. The tiles are fired to 2300 degrees, beautiful and durable.   For samples, each tile is $4.24 each. Please Message for


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This ceramic surface design technique was taught to me by my professor, Lindsay Rogers. It’s an excellent way to apply subtle texture, and layers well with other surface techniques on clay!


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nerikomi + color clay

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colored clay

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Gingko Brooch, Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Pin, Brooches For Women, Handmade Brooch, Polymer Clay Pin Brooch Material: Brooch made with polymer clay. They made by hand from start to end. No two pieces will be exactly alike. Like a real flowers! Also, they are very lightweight. The metal parts of brooch are gold plated bronze silver, so you can use your jewels for many years. All of items are designed and carefully handmade by me.  Care Instructions: It is recommended to keep it in its own box.  To clea
"*IMPORTANT NOTE* Magnets recieved from this purchase may not appear in the featured pictures. This is for a random set of 4 magnets which I make daily and therefore will not be updated through the featured pictures. The featured pictures are just for example.  This is instead of buying them individually. They will be a random set of 4 magnets already advertised as their singular listing. New ones are made every week. Once purchased you can also message me with the specific ones you'd like! Buyi

charms and magnets

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Zieta Prozessdesign - Product - TAFLA mirors


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Smarter Shopping, Better Living! Aliexpress.com
Peacock Gaiwan Gorgeous Teaset Chinese Traditional Style|Best Ceramics


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Color Block Planter | Berte


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